Monday, July 14, 2008

Terrorists and Other Such Fun

So I generally resist the urge to respond to pro-war bloggers and other such folks who have a tendency to get downright mean rather then pose thoughtful arguments to support there cause, but I have to say a little something about this one.

Anyone who thinks that 'support jobs' in the army don't involve potentially having to kill are delusional. One of the platoons I served in was a 'support' platoon and wound up doing convoy security in Iraq (without me, unfortunately). It would be a reach to say that those support soldier's never shot at anybody or killed anybody running those dangerous roads. This is not an uncommon situation. Sometimes (I have no data on how often) people with jobs that should not involve combat wind up doing it anyways. We all have to be trained in marksmanship and close combat for a reason.

Last thing I'll see here is that people who speak out against something there country is doing are not "fueling the fire's of the enemy" WOW. I think that everyone should have health care and food and shelter. Guess that means I love terrorism since our government doesn't support those things. I think that war should be a worst case scenario situation because I value ALL human life and not just American ones. Damn. I must be a terrorist. Seriously guys. I would suggest making the brain to mouth (or keyboard) connection but I'm betting that the brain is the problem here. I've never had this issue myself but maybe you should try looking for the 'on' switch. Try checking behind that bar code stamped on your scalp.

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