Monday, July 14, 2008

Fight The Smears

So I'm reading this article on The New Yorker's cartoon about the Obama's and it kind of hits me all at once. We are a country of fucking morons. Now I guess your thinking that maybe that's too harsh. Well the time has finally come for me where I don't think it is. Now I'm certainly not blaming your average every day man and/or woman for this development in our nation's history. I have long said that control of a nation rests in the hands of a controllable majority. No matter how vocal or aggressive an intellectual base is they can do nothing against an ignorant controllable majority. That is what we have in this country and it has been encouraged and fostered into being that way. Think I'm a lunatic? Check out the Obama campaign's website about political smears. Now I ask you this. Why should it really matter what religion this man is? Any takers? Let's assume for a moment that the rumors are true and that Obama is some sort of secret Muslim. Now what? I never saw a law or regulation in the country that says that you have to be a Christian to be president. (and given the nature of some of the last few who have flaunted there faith maybe the law should say it's not allowed) Still, this seems to bother people. 12% according to some recent polling. Wow, 12% of people don't just believe a blatant lie based on pictures of traditional African garb (point 1, the average American is culturally slow enough to think that any sort of 'turban' means Muslim), but they let it bother them. Of course this wouldn't be much of a problem if it weren't for one major thing.

By hosting websites like these and making a big deal of these issues in the press the Obama campaign has undermined it's message of change. It has done so in a very major way. Holding press conferences to tell people that they shouldn't worry because you're a good Christian and yes of course you'll wear your flag pin on your lapel, they simply tell the country and the world that fake ideals backed only by nationalism are more important then issues that affect peoples lives. I don't give a damn what religion a president is, or what he wears on his fucking suit jacket, or what church he belongs to. I care about what he is going to do.

The argument here of course becomes, well if he's a good Christian he'll do good Christian things. Right. Mr. Bush is supposedly a good Christian but last I checked torture doesn't fit into the ideals that Jesus taught. Neither does intolerance towards your fellow man. According to the bible Jesus taught love for all mankind. What kind of love do people have who take rights from men and women because they're gay? I'll take an atheist over a 'good' Christian any day.

Of course it all comes down to the same sad truth every four years. People will see the ads, and they'll be told lies, and they'll vote with there heart instead of there head. They'll vote for the one that looks like them, and talks like them, and acts like them. They'll vote for the one that will help them feel safe even when they're not. The one that will lie to them and say everything is ok right up until the bomb comes tumbling down on top of them. When you really look at it, this nation doesn't want a president that actually takes care of them, it wants one that tells lies and cheats and kills and keeps us all in our little bubble of fake freedom.

If freedom is living in a country where our government can spy on us without a warrant, where people who speak there mind are branded as 'traitors' and 'cowards' and 'commies', where property and money are held higher then human life, then I want nothing to do with this nation's idea of freedom. I will remain true to my own. My own idea of freedom is live and let live. You don't bother me and I won't bother you. If only that were the way of the world.

Peace and Unity

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Anonymous said...

Well said. Wish more people could see the light and relize what has been happening to our country. A lot of hypocrisy going on now days in the political world.