Saturday, July 05, 2008

See Ya'll in the Street

So it's about 0230 and I'm sitting here behind a desk reading webcomics. Really I should be studying but I really can't at this point. The words have no meaning. I tried studying for about an hour and realized when I was done reading that I didn't remember a damn thing I had read. Anyhow, there is one hell of a range of webcomics out there. I'm prone to using which does a nice job of organizing comics by genre, popularity, etc. They even keep track of how often the comics have updated in the past. Not a bad site if you need to kill 8 hours in the middle of the night and your stuck behind a fucking desk in the lobby of a company you hate....

I suppose there should be some sort of point to this little article type thing here. Well... I suppose I can mention that as soon as I'm done working out a few things I will be moving the site to it's own domain. Contrary to what many of you may be thinking that won't mean less ads. Actually it will mean more ads because I'll be trying to recoup the fees I would have to pay. On a related note all profits raised through this site are donated to anti-war and other activist groups. So I'm not a total asshole.

Well I suppose I'm done for the night....

See Ya'll in the Street

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