Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not a Serious Number

So I'm reading this article online today and a note at the top of the site says that the article have nothing to do with politics and are all about facts.


The first article I read starts off by saying that the people of Iraq are the most ruthless enemy America has ever faced and that this 'war' simply has to be won or they'll kill us all.

From there in goes into a discussion about how the loss of life is such a small percentage of life lost in other wars and to other factors and so it's really not a serious number.

Two things I have to say to you buddy.

If the people of Iraq are oh so hell bent on killing us all then why have they not tried in the past? I sure hope your not pulling the old "They attacked us on 9/11" routine because anyone left paying attention, even the pro side, knows that this is simply not true. The pentagon even said it's not true. Maybe you missed the major article that came out about the DOD finally admitted that before the war in Iraq there was no connection between Al Queda and Sadaam, Iraq, etc. Oh I wouldn't doubt that there is now. After all we lumbered in, told them that we were there to liberate them, and now refuse to leave and let them choose there own path. Preferring instead to make sure that the vote for the right people and that we kill off the ones that don't like us and others who happen to get in the way. Wow, we sure are keeping our nation safe by making more enemies. What logic would you call that? Oh yes, Republicanism.

Second thing I have to note on this. The number isn't small to the friends and family you jack ass. Having known some of those that have lost there lives and been injured, traumatized, etc. I can't help but think of some ugly ugly language I want to say about someone telling me that the number dead is small enough not to really matter in the long run. I know that more people die every year driving, and from cancer, and heart disease. You know what? Most of the people weren't forced into facing that death by commanding officers doing the president's bidding. (Well maybe certain medical cases but that's a whole other issue) So don't you tell me for one second that we shouldn't mind the loss of life because it's 'only' 4100+ of our side. Don't you ever fucking tell me that my friends lives were an acceptable loss because more of us didn't die with them.

You people love to say that you support the military and then you pull out some shit like that? Man I'd hate to see how you love your families. "Don't worry about your brother's death son, he was only 20% of the family." Come on now. Stop screaming from the soapboxes how much supporting the war is the only real way of supporting the troops while you demean and degrade those very men you say you're there for.

So many people can see past your nonsense. It leaves me hoping that you don't know how mixed up you are. I'm not even saying that from an emotional point of view. I just can't believe logically that anyone would say things like "I support the troops therefore I support them being killed" and "I support the troops but I think that the number lost is ok, cause it's not too high." Guess what? Behind all the gibberish about 'telling it like it is' that's what your saying.


I'm done for now, I'm gonna give myself a fucking ulcer if I keep this rant up.


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