Sunday, September 28, 2008

Disecting the Hate

Watching Bill O'Reilly talk is, to me, an educational experience. Before the second part of his interview with Senator Obama he called the AP and NBC left wing and dishonest and biased. He also refused to acknowledge that he had been shouting at the senator. He did this all with a self righteous air to him that one would imagine the pope must have.

Watching someone like that complain about media bias is entertaining but disturbing. It serves as a prime example of manipulation by the media on an almost 1984 level. Even more so when you consider what they say.

"We went into Iraq to liberate the people and get rid of Saadam"

"We have always been at war with Eurasia"

What's worse is how many still don't seem to know that both quotes are a matter of pure fiction.

These shows, networks, et all; they pander to the anger and fear in people. A recent study found that people who startled easily were more likely to vote Republican. No surprise to me. People are angry, and they should be. There is an awful lot to be angry about. However, there anger becomes misplaced as a result of people like O'Reilly telling them they should.

A guest on the show called people offended by racism 'pansies' in front of his ten year old son. The anchors encouraged his behavior. I couldn't help but be reminded of the man who took it upon himself to insult me and, ironically, call me ignorant (fucking ignorant actually) in front of his teenage son at a small demonstration by a recruiting station not long ago.

They are teaching there children to hate.

And for some reason so many people seem to think that it's perfectly ok.

Final note. Remember when Hannity flipped out on air? He was trying to convince the audience (and maybe himself) that the economy was great. I don't question in the least that if I were to turn on his show tonight he would be saying that we could have seen this coming a mile away and all the Democrats fault.

We have always been at war with Oceania

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Debate? The Sham.

If John McCain said the word 'veteran' one more time during the debate I figured my head would explode.

How can someone who has opposed helping veterans tooth and nail keep a straight face while he talks about how much we need to help them?

He opposed the post 9/11 GI Bill that many desperately needed. He opposed raising funding for the VA several times. Who does he think he's kidding?

What scares me is that I know that he still stands a good chance of winning because this country can't seem to think for themselves. They listen to these lies and they believe them and they get scared and they vote for these assholes that make them feel good.

Obama is barely any better, but at least he's not saying stupid shit like "We are winning in Iraq and we will come home with victory"

Oh yeah McCain? I'll settle for the troops coming home alive.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


The banking giant Washington Mutual (WAMU) has failed and was bought out by JP Morgan (Chase Banks) in a deal brokered by the US government Thursday night. Washington Mutual is the largest bank failure since 1984. This failure also signals the end of Independence for one of the oldest banks in American History. The bank was roughly 115 years old at the time of the failure.

As more and more large financial companies fail I can't help but feel that the time for moderation has failed. The bailout will only make things worse while protecting the wealthy and we have no Roosevelt style leaders today.

The only good thing I see coming of this is that the revolution will be that much faster.

Now would be a good time to buy a gun and learn to use it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blank Faces

blank faces, cold cases, minorities imprisoned to placate the racists.
tell yourself that your not one of them but you cringe at the sight of a crowd of black men, on the corner in your white neighborhood, you think you know they must be up to no good. terror lies, terrifies, and racism is institutionalized, we see it in our school in our courts in our jails and tell ourselves that in the end its all fair, because we have we have affirmative action, civil rights, petty handouts to quiet the waves of revolution, gifts from the whites. what's equal anyways? what do you say to a child no older then ten who gets called worse things then you've ever been. the schools hide it as they talk about change from king to another things are still the same, washington and jefferson saying all men are equal, if your a rich white male that is, and this is how people live. decked in fear of change and freedom chains, black white hispanic and asian, right wing prophets scream of an immigrant invasion, working class poor hysterical ranting for restrictions, wheres the freedom promised in that deceleration? wheres the justice and liberty for all mankind? torture cells for terrorist cells dreaming of ways to make things right, that man you call haiji is fighting for his family as was i, i thought, until i saw the light, drinking hard to forget as if i actually might, sharing stories with dark skinned soldiers fraught with racists intent and sacrament to the imperial ways of american might.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


aside from the obvious fact that all 800 some odd protesters arrested should be released immediately and on charges dropped I'm going to focus on the RNC 8. Eight members of the welcoming committee who are being charged with terrorism.

I have said it before and I say it here again. Every day that goes by brings us closer and closer to a true police state. We find ourselves now in a situation reminiscent of the May Day massacre several decades ago. Where people who were either not present or not able to carry out the attack were charged and convicted of the murders of police officers killed when a bomb was thrown.

These are the times we find ourselves in.

When to utter the word anarchist is to be immediately looked down upon by even the so called liberals as condemnable. Blamable.

We will not be blamed. We as a whole will not be blamed because we didn't do anything wrong. As an anarchist I call for non-violence in all but the most harrowing of situations. Of course if a police officer is about to kill somebody I think someone ought to step in but short of those circumstances individual acts of violence are to be frowned upon.

Those arrested committed no acts of violence.

They weren't there.

This is our May Day.

One of those arrested was tortured with tasings, beatings, and chemical weapons for asking for food as he had not eaten in over 12 hours.

This is how the police in our country deal with dissent.

One of the few industrial countries to officially sanction the use of torture.

This is our May Day

These injustices are being ignored by the media at large.

These problems don't fit neatly into there sound bytes about how everything is ok except everything's not ok and make sure your scared enough to wave the flag.

And sing the anthems.

And call for victory in the war on a definition and a word.

'I declare war on ignorance, let's occupy the senate!'

This can't be won.

It's not meant to be won.

It's hardly able to be called a war because in a war two armies or more fight each other.

Not one army and a world of civilians.

This is our May Day.

It's getting to be about that time.

Revolution never felt so close.

Unwarranted violence is never ok.

But when it's to defend yourselves no man or woman or child should be able to stand in your way.

I defend myself today

This is my May Day

Peace and Unity

Ten Ways to Tell If You're Part of the Problem

1.) If you voted for Bush the first time it's excusable. We all make mistakes. If you voted for him the second time you're borderline, after all even he kind of meant to say that we all get fooled once or twice. If you would vote for him a third time if you could, You are part of the problem.

2.) If you live in any state that borders Mexico and think that immigrants from said country don't have a right to live here even though all of those states used to be Mexican property, You are part of the problem.

3.) If you shop at Wal-Mart, well... enough said there, You are Part of the problem.

4.) If you support a war that you have never fought in, You are part of the problem.

5.) If you criticize veterans of said war who dare to speak out, You are not only part of the problem, you're an asshole to boot.

6.) If when asked what the difference is between a Sunni and a Shiite you answer with 'Who cares lets bomb em all!', You are part of the problem.

7.) If you think that religion and science should have equal footing in a science class, You are not only part of the problem, you're an idiot.

8.) If you think that there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats past the campaign slogans and party colors, You are part of the problem.

9.) If you have ever read any of the following authors, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coutler, and didn't want to strangle them after words, You are part of the problem.

And finally...

10.) If you are or you're related to Bush, Cheney, Rove, McCain, Obama, Biden or Palin, You are the problem.

Of course there were a ton of people that belong on that 10th item but I just can't fit them all.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Take that Asshole!

Well in case any of you missed it or haven't heard about it by now a member of IVAW, Adam Kokesh, rocked the RNC during McCain's speech by shouting... well something, it was hard to hear, and raising a banner that read "McCain Votes Against Vets."

The mainstream media has been ignoring the massive protests going on outside the convention in St Paul but they sure as hell didn't ignore this one. Several of the news stations even zoomed in on him and clearly showed both the banner and his Iraq Veterans Against the War t-shirt.

According to an interview he gave shortly after being released by the police he said that a Ron Paul supporter was the one who gave him the guest pass.


Peace and Unity

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Cohen for Congress

I suppose it's a bit early but then again I figure there will be some hefty planning and preparation involved. What I am referring to is my decision to run for Congress in the state of California (as to the exact district I'm not sure yet) in 2012.

This is not a joke.

Even if I don't even come to close to winning I'm sure the experience will be a worthwhile one. A chance to potentially reach a national stage and do some real good. Of course this could all backfire on me but I guess we'll have to see.

I figure I need some catchy slogan first and foremost. I should have no problems packaging my views for consumption by the public.

Vote Cohen in 2012!

If you are interested in participating drop me a line.

There will be mass amounts of fund raising required to say the least.

In the meantime I have my sites set on a council position or something similar.

Peace and Unity

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

On Palin...

Isn't it funny how all of a sudden the Republicans support pregnant teenagers and abhor the so called 'vetting' process done by the media and the public?

I guess your only an abomination to family values if your a Democrat or worse a Commie! A good old Christian who gets knocked up at seventeen by an eighteen year old boyfriend is just a little darling who needs our care and support. Hey at least she's not gay right?

Also if your a right winger people arn't allowed to dig into your personal background but it's quite all right to accuse the other party's nominee of being, among other things, not born in the US and a Muslim (As if that should really matter). But NO! Good conservative Christians are all perfect in public and what happens in private should stay in private, even as it shows there utter lack of ability to give a flying fuck about the American public.

Oh you grand old party sticklers and your wily ways. What will you think of next. Let me guess, if Arnold wants to run for president suddenly the foreign born issue goes away too.

Of course we should never forget the real situation. Both parties are ultimately the same and should be treated as such

It is funny as fuck to watch them bicker though ain't it

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

This Is What A Police State Looks Like!

It's expected at protests like those happening at the RNC that people will get arrested. Many who attend know that risk and take it. It's not ok that false arrests are made but at least they normally target protesters and only at the protest site. The police in St. Pual have really crossed the line now.

The arrest of Amy Goodman and other journalists along with bloggers and photographers is beyond reprhensible. I'm not saying that they have more rights then protestors do but sometimes protestors break the law commiting civil resistance. It happens and arrest is expected. A journalist should not be expecting arrest. They are not breaking the law or demostrating or doing anything else to deserve being held other then maybe holding opinions that differ from the ruling class.

Likewise the raids on private property are out of line even more. Plenty of people have a lot to say about the occupation and the goverment and the sorry state of affairs that is the police state we live in these days. Most of those people don't face having there homes raided by police for doing nothing other then talking about being angry. The homes were raided BEFORE the protests really began. They didn't do a damn thing.

Over 290 arrests have been made according to the last reliable statics I saw. Several of them are being charged with crimes ranging from obstruction to, get this, felony riot. Felony riot! You have got to be fucking kidding me! I was unaware that when police start attacking you it means your rioting.

You know what?

Fuck the State. Fuck the Police. Fuck the Ruling Class.

By the way, handy as google analytics is I have knowledge that my site is read by people accessing computers at the Department of Veteran Affairs in Washington D.C. So if you cronys of the state are reading this now then Fuck you too.