Friday, August 29, 2008

DNC Let Down

Another convention gone and done and another moment of history ignored by both the media and the politicians. At the moment I have nothing more to say being too disappointed to really form the words. Coming up though will be a comprehensive plan for a campaign of direct action I am calling 'Break the Chains.' Our voices will not fall on deaf on ears much longer for we as a people will make them listen.

Peace and Unity

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama's VP

An unconfirmed source has announced that Obama has chosen his running mate for the election. According to the article Obama has chosen Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware as his VP. The report comes courtesy of CBS news but to the best of my knowledge the decision has not yet been officially announced. This information may therefore be inaccurate.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The FBI and Terrorism Part 2

Now that I've had a chance to analyze the situation we find ourselves in I've decided to write a more comprehensive article regarding the matter of the FBI. I feel a need to do this for a couple of reasons. The first is that I want to exercise my freedom of speech while I still can. The second is that what little I have left of my rights I dearly wish to maintain and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that this ruling may have a direct impact on me due to my background and political inclinations.

Every month that goes by I see this country look more and more like the nations of Sudan or Zimbabwe. Rigged elections, suppression of the freedom of speech, a dangerously unrestrained police force and rampant disregard for it's own citizens.

When I joined the army I swore an oath. "...To support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic..." Now many people know how I feel about the idea of needing a piece of paper to tell me I'm free. That does not mean that I don't think that we ought to protect what rights we do have. If I, or any other soldier for that matter, is going to uphold that oath then we need to start doing what we were taught to do.

Fight tooth and fucking nail.

I am not one to suggest violence and almost everyone I know knows that I condemn all acts of terrorism and unwarranted vanguardian retribution. Indeed I am not saying that violence should be needed or used at all in this conflict that the FBI and other government entities have forced upon us. Not when we have so many other resources at our disposal.

A voice alone is a target. A voice in unison is a revolution.

At this time every veteran of this nation should be cocking an eyebrow and giving some time to some deep thought. What is the notion that we were told we were fighting for? If not freedom and liberty and justice for what did we lay down our lives? If any duty we have as veterans is still owed to the people of this nation it is to protect them from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and right now one of those enemies is the FBI.

The guidelines have not been officially released. The scary part is that they most likely will not be released to the public until they are actually implanted. So we won't know until it's too late what they have decided they can do. It is known that the primary thing they want to be able to do is investigate American citizens without any clear evidence that they have committed a crime. Times like these I think maybe we should simply decide that next year should be 1984 instead of 2009.

Some of the more notable concerns being raised involve the nature under which people could be investigated. Race, ethnicity, political affiliation, military experience, ties to foreign countries, etc. Go down that list one more time before you continue. Sure you read it all? That comes from an AP article regarding this matter. I didn't just pull it out of my ass. Mind you in the same article Attorney Justice spokesman Brian Roehrkasse says in one part that "an investigation would not be opened based solely on a person's race, ethnicity or religion." However, later in the article it's noted;

"The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the rules, said factors that could trigger an inquiry would include travel to regions of the world known for terrorist activity and access to weapons or military training, along with the person's race or ethnicity."

Lie much Mr. Roehrkasse?

Given the nature of what we're currently staring down the barrel of I think I can justly say that we are, as a nation, approaching Third Reich status. It is only a matter of time from here before people are openly murdered over there race, ethnicity, or political beliefs. If you think that's a stretch just remember. We've done it before! Or have we all forgotten such timeless events as the labor and anarchist executions of the early 20th century late 19th century, the needless bombing of civilians in um... well, every fucking war we've fought?

There is no stretch here, this is what we're heading towards and the general public seems oh so unconcerned. Of course this is of great concern to me because as an anti-war anarcho-communist military veteran I'm a false arrest waiting to happen as it is. Under these new guidelines I don't know that I could safely reside in the country anymore. Which as it turns out, may be half the point.

Actually, quite a few members of groups such as IVAW and ISO would be heavily affected by these new guidelines. Not to mention VFP, Code Pink, ANSWER, CFI, and countless others mostly manned by well meaning social liberals who have probably never held a gun let alone considered terrorism as an option.

Of course that won't be a concern to the heads of state as dissenters are locked away systematically. When the people start to buck the system the system knows it must buck back.

So this is my final plea for this article. If you love freedom, your rights, your family, your friends, your country, your life then let them know. Let them know that this can not and will not be tolerated. Let them know that this may be the straw that breaks the camels back. Veterans especially, remember what we were told we were fighting for and fight for it now.

Peace and Unity

Thursday, August 21, 2008

FBI and Terrorism? Maybe not....

The FBI seems to think that military training and race are grounds to investigate and potentially arrest someone on suspicion of terrorism. I suppose that means that with a military that is over 30% minorities we are an army of terrorists... I won't necessarily debate that point but really. Some people need to take a step back and ask if they're ready to live in the Reich. If they're not they better start making a fuss because it may already be too late.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Perfect Logic

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted to this blog. I have been remarkably busy with work and such lately. Anyways I found this comic online and I really really think you ought to check it out. It's hysterical and it's perfect logic.

- Peace and Unity
- thanks guys

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New Tech Blog for all your Open Source Needs

I decided that including heavy technical articles on this blog would distract from it's primary aim. Although I see technology as essential to activism I understand that many people who read these posts are not so technically oriented or for that matter want to receive tech articles through the list serve that are not expressly activist related. So there is a new blog up called Free as in Freedom that will host all open source and computer related articles from now on. It can be found at There will no longer be technical articles written to this blog.

Thank you

Monday, August 04, 2008

The Linux Trap

So I couldn't sleep last night thanks to this bizarre work schedule they've got me on lately. Anyways I decided that since I was awake and had nothing to do I was going to work on my kernel. I've been merrily hacking away at some source and decided now was the time to compile and give it a test run. I worked on that for something like six hours straight. This morning I come across this comic from Xkcd. It's like he knew.....