Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blank Faces

blank faces, cold cases, minorities imprisoned to placate the racists.
tell yourself that your not one of them but you cringe at the sight of a crowd of black men, on the corner in your white neighborhood, you think you know they must be up to no good. terror lies, terrifies, and racism is institutionalized, we see it in our school in our courts in our jails and tell ourselves that in the end its all fair, because we have we have affirmative action, civil rights, petty handouts to quiet the waves of revolution, gifts from the whites. what's equal anyways? what do you say to a child no older then ten who gets called worse things then you've ever been. the schools hide it as they talk about change from king to another things are still the same, washington and jefferson saying all men are equal, if your a rich white male that is, and this is how people live. decked in fear of change and freedom chains, black white hispanic and asian, right wing prophets scream of an immigrant invasion, working class poor hysterical ranting for restrictions, wheres the freedom promised in that deceleration? wheres the justice and liberty for all mankind? torture cells for terrorist cells dreaming of ways to make things right, that man you call haiji is fighting for his family as was i, i thought, until i saw the light, drinking hard to forget as if i actually might, sharing stories with dark skinned soldiers fraught with racists intent and sacrament to the imperial ways of american might.

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