Wednesday, September 03, 2008

On Palin...

Isn't it funny how all of a sudden the Republicans support pregnant teenagers and abhor the so called 'vetting' process done by the media and the public?

I guess your only an abomination to family values if your a Democrat or worse a Commie! A good old Christian who gets knocked up at seventeen by an eighteen year old boyfriend is just a little darling who needs our care and support. Hey at least she's not gay right?

Also if your a right winger people arn't allowed to dig into your personal background but it's quite all right to accuse the other party's nominee of being, among other things, not born in the US and a Muslim (As if that should really matter). But NO! Good conservative Christians are all perfect in public and what happens in private should stay in private, even as it shows there utter lack of ability to give a flying fuck about the American public.

Oh you grand old party sticklers and your wily ways. What will you think of next. Let me guess, if Arnold wants to run for president suddenly the foreign born issue goes away too.

Of course we should never forget the real situation. Both parties are ultimately the same and should be treated as such

It is funny as fuck to watch them bicker though ain't it

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