Sunday, September 28, 2008

Disecting the Hate

Watching Bill O'Reilly talk is, to me, an educational experience. Before the second part of his interview with Senator Obama he called the AP and NBC left wing and dishonest and biased. He also refused to acknowledge that he had been shouting at the senator. He did this all with a self righteous air to him that one would imagine the pope must have.

Watching someone like that complain about media bias is entertaining but disturbing. It serves as a prime example of manipulation by the media on an almost 1984 level. Even more so when you consider what they say.

"We went into Iraq to liberate the people and get rid of Saadam"

"We have always been at war with Eurasia"

What's worse is how many still don't seem to know that both quotes are a matter of pure fiction.

These shows, networks, et all; they pander to the anger and fear in people. A recent study found that people who startled easily were more likely to vote Republican. No surprise to me. People are angry, and they should be. There is an awful lot to be angry about. However, there anger becomes misplaced as a result of people like O'Reilly telling them they should.

A guest on the show called people offended by racism 'pansies' in front of his ten year old son. The anchors encouraged his behavior. I couldn't help but be reminded of the man who took it upon himself to insult me and, ironically, call me ignorant (fucking ignorant actually) in front of his teenage son at a small demonstration by a recruiting station not long ago.

They are teaching there children to hate.

And for some reason so many people seem to think that it's perfectly ok.

Final note. Remember when Hannity flipped out on air? He was trying to convince the audience (and maybe himself) that the economy was great. I don't question in the least that if I were to turn on his show tonight he would be saying that we could have seen this coming a mile away and all the Democrats fault.

We have always been at war with Oceania


Anonymous said...

who are (they). I can read the hate in your words also. Obama and Mcain work for the same people. You could look for common ground with your enemy, but that might lead to understanding. The left and right is a distraction. It is your liberty that is being attacked. Just as the powers use patriotism to controll the right. they use the similar tactics on you. Nader + Ron Paul = truth

Another Angry Veteran said...

Perhaps you should read other things I've written on this site. Then you would find that I am pretty solid in my 'hatred' of the political system as a whole.