Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pro-War Bloggers

One of the more intresting things I've noticed about some of the pro-war bloggers is that they constantly denounce IVAW and "liberal" groups as slandering and smearing good honest people while they use techniques near identical to what they're accusing. It's of course standard policy to use straw-man and weak-man techniques when you're aiming for that sort of audience. If you don't know what either of those techniques are or how they work I strongly suggest that you read into it. A recent article in SciAm Mind noted that Fox News appered to be by far the largest culprit. And of course this is where most of these right wing hacks get there info from.

So here's my problem with all this nonsense. I love when people disagree with me. I really do. It means that they are at least taking the time to have an opinion and look into an issue (although sometimes not well.) And I love to argue. The mind-numbing child-like name calling is bull shit. On BOTH sides. I prefer a live and let live policy. The way that IVAW is provoked by people why would anyone wonder that Evan lashed out? I'm sorry would it have more appropriate for him to attack someone rather then just rant about it? (GOE member assaulted an IVAW member, and they are supposedly the "honorable" ones in this mess)

So sit down, shut up, and if your gonna argue for god's sake do some real reading into both sides of an issue before you do, because when you say things like "We invaded Iraq because they attacked us on 9/11" we can all see your willfull ignornace and it's hideouse.

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