Sunday, March 01, 2009

Combat Boots (revised)

i walk for miles, my boots are wearing thin
i dont know where im going, but i wont go back to where ive been
out in the desert, under the blazing sun
i though id found salvation, in the barrel of a gun
you swore to me, the my body you did need
for god and king and country, so that others might be free
what you meant was, to fill your coffers full
and the tax we paid, was out everlasting souls
late at night, as im lying in my bed
im forced to think of all the friends, ill never see again
why they had to die, i doubt ill ever know
but im done taking orders, from you generals and cos

ill march for miles what ill find i couldnt tell
but anything is better then your everlasting hell
ill walk forever till i find my way home
i dont know what ill find there but it wont be a dog and pony show
and ive said it so many times before
im not your soldier anymore
no im not your soldier anymore
i said im not,
your soldier anymore...

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