Saturday, June 28, 2008

Real Activists Use Linux

So I know this may seem like an odd topic for a generally anti-war geared website, but there is a method to my madness. "Information wants to be free" Current copyright and patent laws are designed to keep the knowledge, and the power, in the hands of the rich and the corporate. The Gnu Project of which Linux is a major part seeks to remove constraints from the flow of information within the world of computer and technology. I firmly believe that open source software and hardware will be one of the vital keys to transferring the power of production into the hands of general population and the working class. Without the archaic constraints of restrictive licensing and DRM, tools that only stop legitimate users from doing what they want with what they pay for but that don't stop hackers or crackers from taking advantage, the flow of information and the development of tools that will streamline our productivity will increase magnificently. So, while I don't have much time now as I'm nearing the end of a graveyard shift at work, I will be adding an article on open source development (i.e. Linux, GPL, Gnu, Open Source Companies, etc.) once a week alongside the articles on activism in other forms. Liberation is never just one aspect, it's a broad social reconfiguration and Linux is just the thing to take us there.

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